The local authority, the LA, is the admitting authority for all community schools in the area. The school has no part to play in deciding which pupils are admitted.

Each child about to transfer from primary to secondary education will be invited to apply for a place at a school maintained by the LA. Parents/carers can apply online for a place at the catchment school or express a preference for a placement at an alternative school. Those parents who apply on time for a place at any school will be given priority over those who have not.



26 August 2019                       Schools issue to parents via primary schools 'Information for Parents' booklet details.

7 October 2019                             Parents are invited to apply for a school place

7 October - 29 November 2019     A period of 8 weeks for parents to make their admission applications

29 November 2019                        Parental deadline for parents to return forms to the School and Governor Unit

2 March 2020                                Applicants notified

20 March 2020                              Date by which parents lodge an appeal


Further information on admissions is available on the City and County of Swansea website.