The department encourages the study of world religions, offering students the opportunity to examine six major world faiths - Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. We aim to develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of others in order to develop tolerance and respect for those of different faiths. We also study creation stories from around the world in Year 8 and we explore the varied attitudes and rituals of different civilisations regarding death. We offer pupils experiences of religion through project work, drama, group presentations, visualisation exercises and discussions.

We aim to develop three main skills: knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices; awareness of life experiences and the questions they raise; exploring and responding to religion and life experiences. Students are also encouraged to demonstrate the ability to empathise with others, and recognise the centrality of religion to people's lives. In Year 10 and 11 we will offer a full course GCSE option, using the WJEC examination board. All pupils in Year 10 also study the merits and drawbacks of religion and fair trade as part of the Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. In Year 11 we study Hinduism, Judaism and moral issues. The Religious Studies department at Bishopston is non-partisan in approach, so that all religions are looked at respectfully and sensitively. This hopefully results in Bishopston students being tolerant, and educated in the fullest sense of the word.