The aim of the PE department is to make lessons varied, fulfilling and fun for everyone. To create an environment where pupils strive to develop their knowledge skills and understanding in order to reach their full potential. Pupils in Key Stage 3 follow four National Curriculum areas of experience:

1. Health Fitness and Well-being These activities are non competitive and aim to promote an active healthy lifestyle e.g. circuit training, aerobics, swimming.

2. Creative Activities Where pupils are given the opportunity to plan perform and evaluate e.g. gymnastics, trampolining, dance.

3. Adventurous Activities These activities are underpinned by problem solving, communication, leadership and teamwork e.g. orienteering, team building, initiative challenges, rescue and resuscitation.

4. Competitive Activities e.g. rugby, football, hockey, netball, tennis, athletics, rounders.

Pupils in KS4 follow a similar programme of study and are given opportunities to develop different roles e.g. performer, leader and official. They also have access to the new Activa Fitness Suite.