Mr. Andrew Thomas (Senior Teacher) has responsibility for the wellbeing of all pupils.

Learning Managers and form tutors move with their year group from Year 7 through to Year 11 to ensure continuity and consistency, enabling staff to develop positive relationships with their students. All staff strive to ensure all pupils will be challenged to achieve their full academic and social potential.  

Pastoral Care should be viewed as fundamental in achieving this goal. We recognise the need to motivate pupils in their learning, to raise self-esteem and encourage a positive attitude in all areas of the curriculum.  Realising and recognising academic potential is fundamental, but of equal importance is the need to acknowledge and to celebrate success in all ways.  

The day to day organisation and guidance of pupils is the main responsibility of the Learning Managers. They have responsibility for the welfare, attendance, punctuality and behaviour of pupils in their year group. Pupils within each Year Group are grouped into forms made up of pupils from all our partner Primary Schools.  We do, where possible attempt to keep friendship groups together, but we also encourage pupils to mix and to make new friends.  Each form group will be in the care of a Form Tutor who will develop positive relationships with pupils. Pupils should feel free to discuss with their form tutor any issues that are worrying them, as well as informing them of any successes and achievements. 

The school also employs a Pastoral Support Assistant (Ms. Jo Davies) who works closely with pupils and the Education Welfare Service. In addition, Bishopston CS has a school-based counselling service which pupils can access through asking staff to assist with their referral. 

The school follows all child protection guidelines and procedures and has a Designated Child Protection Officer, Mr. Andrew Thomas and in his absence Mr. Jeff Bird (Headteacher).