Studying the Media involves watching, listening, reading, producing and responding to a range of media products. It is about investigating the people who make media products and looking in detail at how and why they were made. A media text is any modern media product which is the object of study. It could be a television programme, a science fiction film, a magazine or even a computer game. In Bishopston, Media Studies is taught at Key Stage 4 and can be taken as an option subject for GCSE or entry level pupils. Over the last few years the department has gone from strength to strength. Media Studies is an extremely successful subject at GCSE. It is studied and enjoyed by pupils of all abilities and encourages pupils to develop their written, analytical and practical skills. The course is 60% controlled assessment and 40% written examination. Lessons are demanding yet interesting and taught using a range of audio-visual equipment with emphasis placed on encouraging pupils to use IT skills. There is also a chance for able and talented pupils to study for GCSE Film Studies.