7.45-8.25         Early Bird Successmaker           Tutorial Room    A Jenkins

Lunchtime       KS3 Basketball                         Girls Gym          Active Young People

Lunchtime       Year 8 Hockey                           Sports Hall       C Ratti

Lunchtime       Messy Letters                           STF                   L Jones & S Franks

Lunchtime       Trampolining                             Boys Gym          A Phillips

Lunchtime       Eco Club                                   Lab 24               H Morgan, K Khannice & D Davies

Lunchtime       Year 7 Movie Club                     Lab 20               R McCabe

Lunchtime       Spanish                                    41F & 44F           M Lloyd & S Thomas

After School   Mountain boarding                    Off Site              Active Young People

15.15-16.05     Girls Conditioning                     Girls Gym           Active Young People



7.45-8.25        Early Bird Successmaker            Tutorial Room     A Jenkins

Lunchtime      Year 7 Movie Club                     Lab 20                R McCabe

Lunchtime      Skills Club                                STF                    L Holborow

Lunchtime      Self Defence                             Girls Gym           Active Young People

Lunchtime      Year 9 Hockey                           Sports Hall         C Ratti

15.05-16.15     Choir                                        Phase 2 Hall        A Millard

15.05-16.10     Year 11 Rugby                            4G                     A Thomas

After School   Boys Hockey                              2G                     M Colclough

After School   Girls Rugby                               School Fields      S Bradley Adams

After School   Year 8 Rugby                             School Fields     A Phillips

After School   Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh          28N                  J Barrett

After School   Year 7 Rugby                             School Fields     A Bartley

15.15-16.15     Year 7-11 Netball                        Boys Gym          R Williams & L Noon

15.15-16.05    Surfing                                       Off Site             Active Young People

After School  Year 7-11 Netball                         Sports Hall        R Williams & L Noon



Wednesday7.45-8.25Early Bird Successmaker SessionsTutorial RoomA Jenkins

WednesdayLunchtimeKS4 BasketballGirls GymA Bartley

WednesdayLunchtimeMessy Science ClubLab 24K Khanniche, L Noon and J Morgan

WednesdayLunchtimeYear 9 Fashion and Textiles club29TJ Rule

WednesdayLunchtimeYear 7 NetballSports HallR Williams 

WednesdayLunchtimeYear 7 & 8 History Club19HC Jacob

WednesdayAfter SchoolSpanish41 & 44FM Lloyd & S Thomas

WednesdayAfter SchoolYear 7 HockeySports HallJ Morgan

Wednesday15.15-16.05Year 8 Hockey2GC Ratti

WednesdayAfter SchoolYear 10 RugbySchool FieldsA Bartley

Wednesday15.15-16.05Girls Football/Rugby School FieldsActive Young People

Wednesday15.15-16.15Year 8 Drama ClubDR1A Dennis

WednesdayAfter SchoolYear 8 Football4GJ Barrett

WednesdayAfter SchoolYear 7 Hockey2GJ Morgan

ThursdayLunchtimeSpanish41 & 44FM Lloyd & S Thomas

ThursdayLunchtimeYear 8 NetballSports HallRWilliams

ThursdayLunchtimeChemistry Olympiad Lab 24K Khanniche

ThursdayLunchtimeParkourGirls GymActive Young People

ThursdayLunchtimeCircuitsBoys GymA Phillips

ThursdayAfter SchoolYear 11 Football Week A only 4GI Evans

ThursdayAfter SchoolYear 10 Football Week B Only4GC Viggers

ThursdayAfter SchoolGirls Hockey2GC Ratti

ThursdayAfter SchoolYear 9 RugbySchool FieldsA Phillips

Thursday15.15-16.15Year 8 Drama ClubDR1A Dennis

ThursdayAfter SchoolYear 10 Football Week A OnlySchool FieldsC Viggers

ThursdayAfter SchoolNetball MatchesSports HallR Williams

Thursday15.15 - 16.15OrchestraPhase 2 HallA Millard

Friday7.45-8.25Early Bird Successmaker SessionsTutorial RoomA Jenkins

FridayLunchtimeChess Club32MJ Truscott

FridayLunchtimeKS4 Science Club Lab 1 & 2R Poonoomassee

FridayLunchtimeBadmintonSports HallActive Young People

FridayLunchtimeBoys Hockey2GM Colclough

Friday15.15-16.05Year 9 Hockey2GC Ratti

Friday15.15-16.15Year 9 Football4GJ Extence

FridayAfter SchoolYear 8 & 9 HockeySports HallC Ratti