Drama is a subject in its own right which benefits the whole of the school curriculum in one way or another. Through a well structured, varied course, pupils develop their self-confidence, self-discipline and co-operative skills, as well as the ability to express themselves clearly in a wide variety of situations.

In years 7 – 9 pupils have one hour lesson each week which teaches dramatic skills such as mime, movement, voice and speech, improvisation, text work, character work and technical skills. There are also many opportunities for pupils to perform in front of an audience other than that of their own form:

- Every year the school has an Eisteddfod which offers both compulsory and voluntary competitions for years 7 – 9.

- There is a major summer production every year.

-There are many additional chances for pupils to perform in assembly presentations to their year group and sometimes other year groups.

In years 10 and 11 Drama is offered as a G.C.S.E. subject along with Performing Arts. In these two examination years there are additional opportunities to perform in exam presentations and one off scripted pieces for a specified audience.

The Drama department also run a number of theatre trips a year for a variety of year groups. In the older years pupils are also encouraged to audition for outside agencies such as the West Glamorgan Youth Theatre, The National Youth Theatre of Wales and even film/television casting directors when the opportunities arise.