At the end of Year 9, pupils may opt to study Business Studies in Year 10 and 11. At present, the school offers WJEC Business Studies GCSE.

The course aims to provide a foundation in business education using an experiential, practical and student-centred approach to lessons. Pupils are encouraged to take an interest in current business affairs on an international, national and local level.

The course is changing from the start of September 2017 but will broadly cover the topics of marketing, human resources, production finance and starting a business.There is currently an examination at the end of year 11 and also a timed assessment element.

The timed assessment allows pupils to investigate a particular area of the course that they have enjoyed and submit a word processed report detailing how this relates to real-world examples. However, the course changes will also affect the timed assessments although details of the changes are unavailable at this time.