With the increasing development in Technology the use of computers is becoming far more common in the majority of work places. The GCSE allows pupils to further develop their ICT skills in preparation for further education and/or actual employment.

The two year course incorporates 60% controlled assessments and a final 40% for two written examination papers.

The controlled assessments are completed throughout the course with pupils completing a number of tasks to highlight their ability in the following areas:

Communicating Information (Desk Top Publishing)

Data Handling  

 File / Folder Management

Internet / E-mail use


 Web Design

Sound Editing

Graphic Design

The controlled assessments are completed in lessons using a computer under exam supervision. Once work is submitted it will be marked with no re-draft permitted. This is a significant modification to the course, making it more difficult to achieve high coursework marks.

The two examination papers are set on a number of topics including the use of various software applications, ICT legislation and computing in industry.

There is only one tier entry awarding the full range of grades from A* - G. The first paper may be taken at the end of year 10 with a resit option in year 11. The second paper must be taken at the end of the course with no opportunity to resit.