Welsh is a compulsory subject for all pupils in Wales. Our aim is to develop pupils’ confidence and communication skills and also to provide opportunities to enhance their cultural identity. In Year 7, pupils are taught in their mixed ability form groupings to develop at their own pace and we seek to set the pupils into upper and lower band in Years 8 and 9. Banding is based on the end of year examination results in addition to continuous assessment during the course of the year. Regular departmental reviews ensure that pupils are progressing well in their groupings and pupil progress is monitored regularly.

Our approach is child-centred and fulfils the demands of the National Curriculum. The main themes in Key Stage 3 are:

At the end of each theme there is an assessment on one or more of the subject skills (oracy, reading, writing) which are graded according to the National Curriculum Levels.

Oral work is the dominant skill in KS3 but we recognise that speaking, listening, reading and writing are inter-dependant skills. Audio visual work is incorporated into our schemes of work which offers a further dimension. With the introduction of greater interactive facilities within the department we have been able to utilise and further develop the ever increasing resources available through the medium of Welsh via interactive technology.

A trip to Glanllyn Urdd Camp at the beginning of year 8 enhances pupils’ experience of Welsh as a living language. Cultural experiences via visits, Urdd competitions and the school Eisteddfod ensure the enhancement of a whole Welsh educational experience.

We hope to confirm that Welsh is a growing, lively and culturally interesting language, and that the ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh is extremely useful especially in the current employment climate where Welsh is actively encouraged as an additional skill.

Diolch yn fawr.