The biology, chemistry and physics departments at Bishopston are staffed by specialised and committed teachers who work closely together with the common goal of achieving excellence in science for our pupils.

Pupils at key stages three and four are taught in well-equipped laboratories and ultimately have the opportunity to obtain final W.J.E.C qualifications in single applied, double or triple award science. There are two tiers of entry available for each namely higher and foundation with pupils at foundation level having the opportunity to achieve a grade C. Those who are gifted in science are encouraged to enter Chemistry, Biology and potentially Physics Olympiads and have the opportunity to follow AS Science in Society.

A significant number of pupils continue in their study of either biology, chemistry or physics, or a combination of the three subjects, at Advanced level and beyond. To support pupils of all abilities, classes are set from year 8 onwards with the main aim of providing smaller classes and support for those who need it. All pupils are further supported by bespoke booklets, key stage four revision sessions and our digital reference library currently hosted by Moodle At key stage 3 pupils receive seven lessons of science per fortnight. These lessons provide a focus on each of the three sciences with opportunities for pupils to work together and to develop their investigative and thinking skills.

They are also encouraged to attend our lunchtime ‘Messy Science Club’ As a faculty, we firmly believe in offering pupils an exciting and stimulating experience that will spark a lifelong enthusiasm for science whilst at the same time, developing their literacy, numeracy, thinking, collaborative and practical skills.